Gianluigi Donnarumma Transfer Situation

By  Football Pulp - 19 June 2017

The transfer window hasn’t even started yet and we’re already witnessing major changes happening in several large clubs. The biggest of these changes is Gianluigi Donnarumma’s refusal of a contract extension.

Though many expected the keeper to remain at Milan, just like Buffon stayed at Juventus despite going through some rough and tough times. The keeper, however, has had other thoughts as he looks set to leave considering that his contract will expire next month.

AC Milan’s CEO, Marco Fassone, is angry at the keeper’s behavior and has said that his refusal cost the club no less than 100 million euros.

"By going on as he has, Raiola has damaged Milan to the tune of 100 million euros," Fassone said to Corriere della Sera.

"What Madrid will not pay me will go to his pockets, but I would have invested in Italian football."








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Fassone did warn Donnarumma that he’ll stay at AC Milan for another season, and will probably not receive the game time he deserved and received.

“The club believes that the player is non-transferable, so he will play for Milan next season," he continued.

"Week after week too because, for me, it's possible for him to play every game as well.

"We can't risk a player just running down his contract, and maybe he is thinking about Real Madrid because should have a goalkeeper in perfect mental and physical condition."

Though it appears the 18 year-old keeper's mind is made up, Fassone is confident that there will be a miracle, and Donnarumma reverses his decision.

"As a club, we will think of a thousand ways to keep him in," he said.

"And if he changed his mind, we would welcome him with open arms, the supporters too."

Angry fans shower Donnarumma with 'fake money' and chanting Dollarumma during U21 Italy game against denmark


Mino Raiola on his part is angry at the club and blames the management for “bullying” Donnarumma.

Though, it was rumored that Donnarumma refused AC Milan’s offer, Raiola insists that the negotiations hadn’t reached that part yet.

"We took a decision that we didn't want to take. It was nothing to do with money. We were threatened. Donnarumma's family was threatened, both with not playing anymore and threatened with death. You can't keep a player by threatening him.

"Now there is a genuine risk he could miss a year. His quality makes that improbable, but this is already on the verge of bullying.

"We never even got to talk about money or release clauses, because we were not allowed to get that far, nor to think of what was best for Gigio. He was ready to sign a new contract, there were no doubts in his mind. They forced us to abandon the negotiations because of the environment created around him."

Raiola continued: "I take the responsibility. They forced us. It was Milan that lost Donnarumma. He said to me, 'honestly, Mino, I don't feel it is right to carry on negotiations when these people are insulting and threatening me and my family.'



"For example, there was a banner in front of the club headquarters. A club should protect its players and remove the banner. A club should support a player and encourage his career, not threaten him with having to be left in the stands."

Though, the club has refused to sell him any time soon, he’ll still remain at the club at the start of Transfer window. If they do allow him to leave, as Raiola insists that he is not in contact with any club regarding the keeper’s departure.

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