Wenger to China – The Frenchman said NO!

By  Football Pulp - 28 February 2017

The current Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger, rejected a lucrative €30 million offer from China.

The offer could have made him the highest paid manager in the footballing world.

The Frenchman insists that he will be managing the next season and has no plans to retire, but he hasn’t made this clear whether he will be staying at Arsenal or not.

Arsene Wenger is the longest serving manager in the Premier League and has led Arsenal convincingly well for more than a decade now. However, there have been talks that he will be leaving the Gunners next season and the chants from the fans, “Wenger out” have gained some unprecedented momentum recently.



Also, he hasn’t confirmed his future with Arsenal but insisted that he has no plans to retire, or whether he will remain at Arsenal. The famous French mastermind is planning to give his career a much-needed extension but hasn’t penned an extension deal with the Gunners. However, he made it crystal clear that he will not leave Arsenal until the end of the season.  

Sneaking in, an unnamed Chinese club tried to acquire Arsene Wenger’s services and offered him a €30 million deal. However, he wasted no time rejecting the offer as he has no plans to take part in the big money revolution in the Far East. The deal would have seen him become the highest paid manager in the world, twice the amount of the current highest paid manager, Pep Guardiola.



It’s quite obvious now that Arsene Wenger is planning to stay competitive and would prefer to manage a club in one of Europe’s top league instead of going to China. Arsenal has already offered him a two-year extension with a 25% increase in his current salary, which would see him earn €10 million per year.  His loathness is becoming a concerning aspect for the Gunners.

Should he stay at Arsenal or is it the right time for Wenger to find a new challenge?

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