Jose Mourinho Accused of Tax Fraud

By  Football Pulp - 21 June 2017

After Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho is another Jose Mendes client who is accused of defrauding his income from the tax authorities.

He is accused of tax fraud totaling €3.3 million (£2.9m) relating to his time at Real Madrid.

In a statement, Madrid's regional state prosecutor accused Mourinho of evading tax — €1.61m in 2011 and €1.69m in 2012 — while on the books of Real Madrid.

The prosecutor's office said that Mourinho knowingly used a "business structure" involving several companies to hide his income from his image rights.

When media speculation emerged in December that Mourinho was being investigated by Spain’s tax office, the current Manchester United boss denied any wrongdoing and said he "has nothing to hide."



The Portuguese coach, alongside Ronaldo, is the latest to find himself trapped in tax fraud accusations. Previously, Lionel Messi, Neymar and Mascherano found themselves in hot waters after they were accused of defrauding the tax authorities.

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