Broken “Hart” from Manchester to Turin

By  Football Pulp - 1 September 2016

It’s finally confirmed! Joe Hart has moved to Torino FC from Manchester City in a season long loan move. Joe Hart is in Turin for a short spell where he is likely to have regular first-team football. It’s surprising to see a man devoting 10 painstaking years of his career to a club, and leaving it to join a lesser known club in Italy. At this point, all we can say is that Hart will have to prove his worth once again to silence his critics.

Joe Hart joined Manchester City from Shrewsbury in 2006 and spent three loan terms at Tranmere, Blackpool, and Birmingham from 2007 to 2009, before becoming the regular goalkeeper for Manchester City. With 348 appearances for the club, the 29-year-old goalie did not catch the eye of the new manager, Pep Guardiola, who offered him to leave. Hart has been exceptional throughout his years, helping the club progress as a team and join Europe’s elite. We understand that his recent form somehow justifies Pep’s decision, but wasn’t he worthy of a chance after many incredible performances over the years? We’ll leave it to the boss to answer this question.

It’s not the move to Italy that has provoked experts to raise questions but the ignorance of the English clubs. Just have an aerial look at the situation and you’ll see clubs looking for a solid goalkeeping option, but then you see Joe Hart packing his bags to play in Italy. Keeping his recent form aside, Hart is England’s number 1 and one of the finest in the league. Clubs like Everton, West Ham, Bournemouth, and Crystal Palace could have easily acquired Joe Hart’s services but why they were ignorant is hard to understand. Again, you see Sunderland lurking around till the last day in search for a keeper. It’s mind boggling to say the least.

Hart left city with a frozen heart but received a rapturous welcome in Turin. At least there are some who still love Joe and trust his abilities. But Italy is not like England; the style, the atmosphere, the crowd and the speed is all different. All in all, Seria A is much more demanding. British players hardly thrive in Italy because of the increased burden to bring their “A game” in every game. Players in Italy know their jobs and the only thing they work in training is tactics. If Hart wants to become a success story in Italy, he has to be tactically strong, which we believe he is.

England’s number 1 will be at his feet every time in the field as Torino finished 12th on the table last season. Also, the club is on the verge of losing three of their main defenders. A new manager has taken over the club who has been ruthless throughout his career. Hart must prepare himself for some rough time heading his way.

Joe Hart has been exceptional over the years and has been the top choice for every manager he played under. Unfortunately, Pep needs perfection. However, it is high time Hart should test his abilities and talent, and Italy is just the right place to do so. Let’s call it a new beginning, a new challenge that will help him improve a lot. Good luck to the lad but a mystery that needs to unfold is why were the English clubs ignorant when it came to showing heart for Hart?

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