Gunner’s Macbeth: Arsene Wenger a Penny Pincher or an Economic Savior?

By  Football Pulp - 2 September 2016

Arsene Wenger, the man who loves balancing the books, following his perceived miserliness and his love for good economics, went against all odds to spend big during the recently concluded transfer window. Most people, including us, are of the opinion that Arsene Wenger could be a poster child of the Penny Pinching society, as he refrains from buying expensive players. On the contrary, their North London rivals are moving towards transformation, spending hefty during the last few transfer windows. On average, Arsenal has spent around £40 million during the last 5 transfer markets. But, Tottenham were not shy spending big and invested around £55 million on average during the same 5 windows. Yet, Arsenal managed to finish above Spurs during all these seasons. Is it scarcity of good players or a consistent manager? It’s for you to decide but Wenger has managed to seal Champions League football every season.

Surprisingly, Arsene Wenger kept his words about changing his transfer policy by spending around £92 million. The exact possible reason behind the change still remains hidden, but we might have landed on a hint.

Wenger 1

Recently a staff member tendered his resignation, which happens to be a loyal Arsenal fan as well. Being a fan, it’s a dream to serve the club you love but why is this guy leaving?

Wenger 2

Last week, Arsene Wenger revealed the reason for not spending big in the transfer market, blaming the 600 workers of the club. Mr. Wenger’s love for economics is growing strong, owing to which he isn’t afraid of downsizing. You buy expensive players, identify raw but talented individuals, and compile a team of exciting players that can be destructive on any given day. But when you fail to deliver, you blame the ground staff. What in the world made him think that he’s making sense? Still, the love of fans has not dented a bit since they still want Wenger to spend big even if they have to lose their jobs.

Wenger 3

The harsh sarcasm of an employee's resignation should serve as motivation for Wenger to buy some players in the transfer market and also clearly reflects the frustration of fans. Well, Mr. Wenger has finally realized the need and landed 4 new players including Shkodran Mustafi, Xhaka and Lucas Perez. All of these are exciting additions to the squad. Now, it seems like Arsene Wenger is taking his job seriously, aiming to contest for the title, finishing 2nd last season.



Despite the chants of “Wenger out”, he is focused on his goal of keeping the trip to Emirates not a piece of cake for other clubs. The current status indicates that Arsenal is equipped with great and exciting players, possessing the capability to outclass any team. With the current squad, Arsenal should surely seal their place in the top four. But why stop there. We think that the team has what it takes to become serious title contenders.



Just remember, every coin has two faces. There are positive takeaways in this story as well. After joining Arsenal, Arsene transformed the club radically. He was responsible for the success of a team that wasn't only good on paper but unbeatable on field as well. A Champions League spot every season and top four finish every time are some of his achievements. Arsenal is the only club not in debt and you know who deserves the credit for this. He adapted the technique of buying raw talent at cheap rates, developing them and selling them at high prices. You'll never be able to thank Arsene Wenger for all that he did to your club, gunners.



Wenger is not shy of spending big but only wants to spend on right players. This philosophy of him is the core reason why Arsenal has only four £30 million plus signings over the last 10 years. The numbers have increased this year but with Manchester United buying Pogba for £100 million despite being in debt of £400 million, it’s hard to understand what’s stopping Wenger to do so. Arsenal is a big club and has a strong reputation across the world but is unable to attract world-class players.

Mr. Wenger is the most experienced manager in the premier league at this moment but the challenge this time is intense. Yet, he is the best you can have. His tactics have helped the club grow tremendously and it’s up to you to decide whether he is a Penny Pincher or an economic genius in disguise?

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