Alan Pardew’s Affair with Palace Ends on a Bitter Note

By  Umair Asif - 23 December 2016

Crystal Palace has sacked its manager, Alan Pardew, after nearly two years of remaining in charge. This move was inevitable, as the manager’s actions left the rest of team, especially the players dazed. So the former player will no longer have to dodge the bullet as his love affair with his former club comes to an abrupt end. The news created shockwaves, especially for a guy like Pardew’s caliber since he started off very well last season but things didn’t go smooth this season from the get go.  

Ala Pardew took charge as Eagles manager last season and guided them to FA Cup final. So, only after eight months after that, his sacking came as a surprise to many, but he has done quite well to avoid that for this long. The Chairman of the club, Steve Parish, was on Pardew’s side and was confident about keeping him along until the end of the season, but fingers started to rise, especially in the past six weeks. Crystal Palace is struggling at 17th place, and it was quite clear that Alan Pardew’s job is at risk and he won’t get much time to prepare for the inevitable.

Crystal Palace has only won 6 matches in 2016, and that is a damning picture to say the least, and even when Parish had a meeting with Pardew last week, the message was quite obvious – Palace is up for the change. Initially, it was decided to keep Pardew for Boxing Day clash against Watford to let him prove his mettle. However, his replacement, Sam Allardyce, was considering other options. So, losing Big Sam was a concern for the shareholders, so the decision came in a hurry.

It was crystal clear that Palace is falling and at this point, a change was necessary. Following the sacking of Alan Pardew, Palace is expected to hold talks with Sam Allardyce later this evening to finalize the deal, and he will take charge in the next game against Watford on Boxing Day.

Well, one can only say good luck to Pardew, but his tactics and methods did not go well with the players, and some of his ideas and plans were received with bewilderment. Especially when he decided to start Mathieu Flamini against Manchester United earlier this month, players were confused. Anyhow, the players are as surprised as Pardew as no one saw that coming this earlier. And Parish also gave no hint in the team meet-up.

He has been a former Crystal Palace player, and many would have predicted that he will do wonders as a manager as well. Well, he proved himself in his first season leading the side to FA Cup final but next season did not bring the same luck. Or it can also be said that the curse continues as Pardew is now the sixth manager to be sacked the very season, after leading the side to FA Cup final. Anyhow, it’s all done and dusted and Pardew will no longer be leading the way in Eagles dressing room.

No one and by that not even the players had any idea what’s going around until the news made the headlines. They soon realized that Pardew is no longer there.

Pardew’s Reign

Here’s a look at the stats of Pardew after the 55-year-old took charge at Selhurst Park:

Pardew bragged 170 caps as a Crystal Palace player but managed the side for only 87 games since 2015. He spent €50 million to bring in new faces and to strengthen the team but with only one clean sheet this season and four wins, the investment went in vain. Palace lost on eight occasions this season and is currently fighting it hard in the relegation zone. The team has conceded 32 goals this season, the third worst. Overall, Pardew managed Palace in 87 games winning 35 and losing 39.

With these numbers, we can only say that things were going wrong for Pardew.

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