La Liga Matchweek 4 Preview

By  Football Pulp - 9 September 2016

After a successful mid-week in Europe, the Spanish sides will shift their focus back to La Liga, aiming to keep the momentum going. Last week, we saw some major upsets and regular thrashing from big guns but will this momentum continue? Only time will reveal who will prevail but we are back with La Liga preview for Matchweek 4. Here are things you need to know for every fixture:

Alaves v Deportivo

Deportivo are declining constantly in terms of their performance, and this will give Alaves, who recently stunned Barcelona with a narrow victory, a chance to cash in. Still unbeaten in the league, Alaves will be focused on improving their win percentage.

Athletic Bilbao  v Valencia

Valencia is having the worst run in their history with three consecutive losses, while Bilbao only has one win out of three matches. Valencia has the opportunity to seal their first point in this match.

Atletico Madrid v Sporting Gijon

Simeone believes his side is back to playing usual while Gijon boss is still focusing on surviving the relegation battle. It’s the mentality that differentiates the clubs otherwise both sides are enjoying a promising start to the season.



Eibar v Sevilla

With back-to-back wins in La Liga, Eibar will set foot in the arena with a positive outlook against Sevilla, who are showcasing impressive performances both at regional and at European level.

Espanyol v Real Madrid

Espanyol have been disappointing in the initial weeks and since they are up against a strong Real Madrid, a win might prove to be just a dream.



Las Palmas v Malaga

Malaga is showing no signs of improvement while Las Palmas’s winning streak came to an end last week, but the team was criticized for parking the bus against Sevilla. Their strong defensive game will cause troubles for Malaga’s attack.

Leganes v Barcelona

Despite the shocking defeat at the hands of Alaves, Barcelona bounced back in the Champions League, thrashing their opponents. MSN will bring their A game back as they know that there is no room for a mistake in La Liga.



Osasuna v Celta Vigo

An end-of-the-table clash may end in a goalless draw but the fans will be excited to see their teams seal the first win of the season.

Real Betis v Granada

Granada boss stated that there were positives to be taken from the last game but will they help in their next fixtures is hard to say.

Villarreal v Real Sociedad

A mid-table clash guarantees goals but a decisive outcome is least expected because Villarreal will not only refrain from scoring but also restrict their opponents to do so.



Check your schedule and amend it accordingly to enjoy all the live action in La Liga.

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