Wenger Out – The Hymn Is Picking Up Momentum

By  Football Pulp - 24 March 2017

Arsene Wenger is under immense pressure following a string of poor results, and the Wenger Out chants have started to gain more momentum than before. Wenger took the helm of the Gunners 20 years ago, and since then he has built the club from ground up. Despite financial constraints, Arsene Wenger has been phenomenal. He helped the club maintain the "top four" status and took them from Highbury to Emirates. 

The Frenchman has three Premier League titles to his name, six FA Cups and the credit of being one of the only two managers in the English top flight to go ballistic and remain undefeated in one season. This was where he received the title of invincible. During his charge, he has managed the side in around 1200 games, and the win percentage exceeds 58%, which none of his predecessors can even come close too.  



But does anyone remember the last time Arsenal took the Premier League home? The answer is 2003-04, and the reason why everyone has trouble remembering it is because it was more than a decade ago!

Has anyone seen the Gunners playing the last eight of the Champions League? Seven seasons have gone by and we have yet to see Arsenal playing in the last eight of the Champions League. When Wenger led the side into the UEFA Champions League final in 2005-06, many hoped that better days are on the way. Well, things took an abrupt turn from then on and the Gunners stopped firing. 

There’s no doubt that Arsene Wenger has helped the club become financially stable, but that’s the job of a financial analyst or a CFO, not a football team manager – especially when it’s Arsenal – one of the most prestigious clubs in England.



There’s no debate about not respecting Wenger and fans should show respect to the man who transformed the club into a nuclear power of the football world. But fans expect more. They want to see their beloved club go on to win the Premier League or at least play in the last four of the Champions League. 

However, that’s not happening nor has it happened over the past seven seasons. Being a fan, it's quite disappointing to see your club lose every season to the point that it’s somewhat predictable. Arsenal starts big, goes to the top, fans start to celebrate, and then comes the midway. Players get injured and the team starts losing points. And suddenly, a team that looked confident to win the league starts battling out for a top-four spot. And somehow, Arsenal manages to hold on to a top-four spot, plays the qualifier and goes on to play the Champions League.



Enough is enough! A change has to come and it begins with Wenger Out chants. It’s high time the Frenchman makes a decision that benefits all. We believe he should end the debate over his future at Arsenal and decides against an extension. He should search for a new challenge and leave the Emirates with dignity.

Knowing Wenger, he is not the kind of person who will leave on a low. He would love to quit on a high note. Maybe a trophy next season would satisfy his appetite. But does Wenger deserve another year at Arsenal? Share your views with us in the comments box below.

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