15+1 Amazing Football Commercials from Around the World

By  Football Pulp - 12 May 2016

It would not be wrong to say that most football commercials are ridiculously awesome and sometimes these are hilarious too. So, out of all the amazing ones, we have compiled 15 most amazing football commercials that will make your day even better. So, let’s move directly to these fantastic football commercials!

1. There Will Be Haters feat. Suárez, Bale, James and Benzema – Adidas Football

Adidas gets the current generation of soccer stars in their soccer cleats in this football commercial. The idea is centered on the envy of people against these football stars, and it is further reduced on the thought that they hate everything about you and “They hate your shiny new boots. They hate them because they wish they were in them.” The timing of this ad was also brilliant. All these players were on the hit-list of media and opposing fans. James Rodriguez had recently moved to Real Madrid from Monaco for a fee of €80 million and was referred to as “overrated” by opposing fans as. Luis Suarez was involved in the 'biting scandal' and had been banned by FIFA for 4 months. Benzema and Bale were being criticized for not scoring enough goals. The ad highlighted how special these players are. If you have already seen the ad, then you too will agree that “There Will Be Haters”!

2. The Unbelievable Game – Pepsi Max

For years, Pepsi has been claiming in its ads that it’s the drink for the youth who are energetic and brilliant. So, for its Pespsi Max ad, Pepsi brought together a group of young, energetic and acrobatic group of players who made football look exciting to the point that it was almost unbelievable.

3. Risk Everything – Nike

The meaningful message portrayed in this ad is that you can become as brilliant and as special as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Zlatan are, just by wearing Nike's soccer cleats. Nike brought together its best players to compete against each other in a play which was not only brilliant but hilarious too. Other then the above mentioned players, the ad featured Iniesta, Pirlo, Hazard, Pique, Rooney and Oblak.

4. The Formula to Unleash – Gatorade

The ad features Arsenal FC, Juventus FC, Liverpool FC and FC Barcelona. Gatorde showcased its product by showing some brilliant moves from soccer stars such as Ozil, Pirlo, Coutinho and Lionel Messi.

5. Write the Future – Nike

Following up on its tradition of producing some of the most entertaining and funny commercials, Nike produced an ad which featured Manchester United's kit man Albert Morgan alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. In the ad, Morgan wears Ronaldo's Nike shirt and shows off his skills and his wonderful shooting accuracy.

6. That's Football – Audi El Clasico

Audi released the ad a week before El Clasico, portraying its own version of the popular and intense rivalry of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Audi has been in partnership with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona for several years. After an intense race of two cars representing the opposite football clubs, Audi brought a neutral ending to the ad.

7. GOL – McDonald

The ad is full of entertainment featuring local Brazilians with a talent of playing entertaining football. The ad was a tribute to the nation where the FIFA World Cup was due to be played that year.

8. Cowboys – Pepsi

In this ad, players of the great Manchester United and Real Madrid side start a rivalry over a bottle of Pepsi. The famous free kick taker, David Beckham, faces Iker Casillas, in which the winner would take all the Pepsi bottles. The ad has a hilarious ending and it features the likes of Ryan Giggs, Raul, Solskjaer and Roberto Carlos.

9. Good vs. Evil – Nike

This popular Nike ad features the legends of the beautiful game playing against a team of devils. The ad features popular players of the previous era including Luis Figo and Roberto Keane wearing Nike's soccer cleats and defeating the evil football team.

10. Medieval Footballers – Pepsi

This is another one of those golden ads featuring football legends including David Beckham and Ronaldinho. In the ad, an evil army invades a village and captures all the Pepsi cans. The team of soccer stars is called to save the hopeless villagers and recapture all the stolen Pepsi cans.

11. Impossible Team – Adidas

The ad features Zidane, Kaka, Messi, Lampard and other soccer stars competing against one another in teams made up and captained by two young kids. It is almost impossible to construct a football team full of so many stars, unless it is Real Madrid you're talking about (wink wink). But it's still good to see so many legends playing together in an ad which boasts “nothing is impossible”.

12. David Beckham – Pepsi

This is another one of those sarcastic and funny ads that Pepsi has the reputation of producing. The ad features David Beckham going through a bad spell both on and off the pitch. As he is substituted off the ground, he heads off to the tunnel where he meets and confuses a kid as another one of his fans. He drinks the boy's Pepsi, who in turn takes the mickey out of him by taking his shirt and wiping parts of the can where Beckham's mouth touched.

13. Never Grow up – Nike

Ronaldinho got his first brush with media when he scored 23 goals in a 23-0 victory against a local team when he was only 13. The ad shows him repeating the famous acrobatic and tenacious moves and tricks he used to do in matches when he was a kid. The ad implied that Ronaldinho is still the same ambitious, confident and courageous guy he used to be when he was a kid. He “never grew up” and you shouldn't either!

14. Manchester United – DHL

The ad was made when DHL was the official partner of the Manchester United FC. The ad promoted the speed at which DHL delivers and features the likes of Ryan Giggs, Chicharito Hernandez, Nani and Wayne Rooney. But what made this ad great was the appearance of Sir Alex Ferguson, and guess what, he actually smiled!

15. All Stars Football Team vs. Sumos – Pepsi

This is a funny Pepsi ad featuring the All Star Football Team consisting of David Beckham, Ronaldinho, Buffon and others. A team of mighty Sumo wrestlers enters the training field of these soccer stars and challenges them to a match where the winning team would get all the Pepsi. The match was pretty much one-sided with the Sumos showing that the soccer stars are no match compared to the lust they have for Pepsi.

And one more thing…

Although we did mention that we'll be compiling together only 15 of the best football commercials ever made, but it didn't do justice to another ad which we think deserves to be on the list. Consider it a bonus!

16. GALAXY 11 – Samsung

This is not just an ad, but it's more like a movie. We don't know how big a budget went into the making of this ad, but we’re sure that it must have a lot of zeros. It features modern football greats including Mario Gotze, Radamel Falcao, Iker Casillas and Oscar. What's great about this ad is that it features the two best footballers on the planet, i.e. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, playing together in a single team. The ad portrays a story in which aliens try to take over the world. Instead of an all-out-war, they issue a challenge to the people of earth to compile together their best football players into a team and play against them in a match, the winner of which would take, or retain, control of the earth. The players are armed with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphones and Galaxy Gear smart watches. The fixture was a tightly contested one and really entertaining.

We don't want to give away any spoilers, so to find out which team won, watch the ad from the link above and let us know whether you liked it or not.

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