Barcelona Pull a Rabbit out of the Hat to Advance in Champions League

By  Football Pulp - 9 March 2017

It was one of those nights where fans were on the brink of forgoing the match, assuming rightly to a certain extent, that the inevitable would happen. But what they got was a miracle; and by god was it a miracle! Barcelona pulled off perhaps the greatest comeback in the recent history of the Champions League.

While the right word for this type of comeback should start with a B and end with LLS, keeping the PG 13 rating of this site in mind, let’s just say that the nerves of steel displayed by Barcelona underscores the word miracle.

Paris Saint-Germain had all but eliminated the Camp Nou heroes from the Champions League after humiliating them with four goals to none in the first leg. The pundits predicted them out. Rivals did not bother to count them in. Even Barcelona fans knew the imminent outcome of the second leg, and they had just come to see Messi and company put up a good show. What followed might not occur in a Champions League match ever again.

Luis Enrique’s men stepped onto the pitch and it took them 3 minutes to display their intent. Luis Suarez inaugurated the goal session and PSG fumbled and misguided the ball into their net – mere minutes before the half time. The stage was all but set for the greatest comeback the world had ever seen.

Barcelona won 6-5 on aggregate against PSG in Champions League Last 16

“Football, bloody hell.” – Sir Alex Ferguson

Neymar’s hocus pocus set up Messi for an absolute peach of a penalty, leaving Barca needing just two more goals to advance to the quarterfinals. But temporary calamity struck when Edinson Cavani curved a low ball past Ter Stegen into the net. Still, Barca fans didn’t move an inch. They sat there, chanting and singing. Neymar, with just 3 minutes remaining on the clock, rewarded them with a free-kick that sort of fueled their burning spirits.

Barca advanced, PSG stumbled, and a penalty. Neymar converted, fulfilled his promise of two goals, and the game was tied.

The last 9:30 minutes of Barcelona – PSG

If things had remained so, PSG was to advance to the quarter-finals. Historical comebacks aren’t so anti-climactic, though. Barca wouldn’t give up, and neither did the fans. Neymar’s 95th-minute assist saw Sergi Roberto flick the ball inside the PSG net, and the stadium erupted.










INCREIBLE !! Entre tots ho hem aconseguit !!!!! Enorme equip i afició!!!!! 🔴🔵

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  • Manchester United against Bayern Munich, 1999.
  • Monaco against Real Madrid, 2004.
  • Liverpool against A.C Milan, 2005.

None, we repeat, none of them come close to the grandeur of Barcelona against PSG, 2017.

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