Arsenal humilated by Bayern – What Went Wrong

By  Football Pulp - 16 February 2017

Once again, Bayern served humiliation to Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal. The 5-1 beating by Bayern leaves Arsenal at the mercy of a miracle in the second leg to turn the tables around. Things were even-steven at Allianz Arena during the first-half, but the second-half meltdown left no hope for Arsenal. We certainly have read this script before. Again, Arsenal were terrible against Bayern and there’s no one else to blame except Arsene Wenger.  The Frenchman is currently the longest-serving manager in the Premier League, and with titles like invincible to his credit, Arsenal haven’t managed to pass the knock-out stage in the Champions League for a decade now.

The humiliation he received at the hands of Bayern is nothing new, and it’s clearly his fault as he has met Bayern many times during the recent seasons. Sadly, the results are same back-to-back. He insists he has learnt the lesson, but we are left wondering: Has he really?

Arjen Robben started proceedings with a goal in the 11th minute, but Alexis Sanchez leveled the terms with a brilliant goal with only 30 minutes down. Both teams left the pitch on an equal basis at half-time, but immediately after the whistle, Bayern gave Arsenal no chance to settle down. It took them just 10 minutes to take the game away from the visitors. Muller concluded the terrible night for Arsenal in the dying moments.

Bayern were not at their best, yet they managed to humiliate Arsenal once again. With Muller’s final goal, Sanchez sunk to his haunches in disgust and the stadium announcer was literally laughing. Sanchez was the only man on the field who showed some fight for the Gunners and the much-talked about, Mesut Ozil, seemed to be wearing an invisibility cloak throughout the proceedings. With only 20% possession, Arsenal were destined to go down in flames.

Bayern’s supremacy was certainly not the reason for this fiasco. The way Lewandowski and Thiago were passing the ball, it can’t be classified as a brilliant performance. Arsenal were trapped by their own mediocrity.  Once again, they were fatally flawed and were caught in a vicious cycle. 

Where should Arsene Wenger find himself now? He certainly is not in the right place. It was another nightmare for him and the series of dark nights in Europe continues for him. It was his 100th away game in Europe, and it should have been a brilliant performance. He lost to a better team, but Arsenal should break the pattern of losing to Bayern and going out of last 16. It’s not the first time Bayern has served the same thumping to Gunners – if anything; it seems to be a tradition now.

 Arsene Wenger was seen addressing the press with a broken heart but is there anyone else he can blame? Ever since his arrival at Arsenal, the man has focused on saving money and benefiting the club in monetary terms. But what about accolades? Football is a sport, most prestigious among all. Trophies matters and above all, fans! He seems not bothered by these factors.


It was quite clear that Arsenal are missing leadership, direction, and a fighting spirit. They continue to be terrible, over and over again. Sanchez was good because he has a winning mentality but what about players around him? Ozil has always been praised for his accuracy, assists, and display on the field but he is always missing in big games. It’s disgusting to see how much he earns, especially after watching a amateurish performance. Arsene Wenger has compiled a team of mediocre players who lose their nerves when thrown against the best. Arsenal is one of the most prestigious clubs in England with a proud history, but in recent years, they have been rendered nothing more than a meme.

Every year, they strive to finish fourth and qualify for the Champions League and end up losing to top dogs in the knock-out stage. This trend has to end, and it’s high time that Wenger leaves, for good. And on his way back, he should take players with him. Arsenal desperately needs a change, should this decades-old mediocrity end.

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