Adios to Barcelona! Juventus qualifies for the semis!

By  Football Pulp - 19 April 2017

Messi has to say goodbye to the Champions League until next year. While Ronaldo scored a hattrick against Munich, Messi failed to register a goal against Buffon once again. After losing to Juventus in the first leg, courtesy of a brace Dybala, they were unable to register a single goal against the resilient Italians in both legs.

The defeat marks the last Champions League game managing Barcelona for Luis Enrique, who won the prestigious trophy during his first year with the club. After losing to Atletico Madrid last year, they failed to progress from the quarters once again in Champions League 2017.

Barcelona vs Juventus UEFA Champions League

Unlike what people expected from Barcelona, they played with sheer desperation, wasting more chances than they should have. It seems that they had no tactics to follow up on during the game. Messi alone was creating the best chances for FC Barcelona.  Neymar, on the other hand, seemed to have lost his first touch whereas Suarez was nowhere to be seen.


Also, Pique didn't seem as active as he usually is on social media. Messi broke the defensive wall more than once when he carried the ball to the front of his accord.

Now that Barcelona have been eliminated from the Champions League, only two Spanish teams remain, with defending Champions still in the competition.

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